Kindness Matters

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Mental health awareness week in May and this year the theme is Kindness Matters.

This is a great time to remind ourselves to check in on how we are feeling and check on those around us. How is Nanny Pat, a neighbour, your sister, an old friend or maybe your pet needs a bit of love. How kind are you to yourself ? how kind are you to others?

Sometimes all you need is a chat with someone you love or one of my favourite heart warmers – A SMILE FROM A STRANGER (or to a stranger). This could makes someone’s day or remind someone that there is good in the world. Even though this week is mental health awareness week we should try our best to be mentally aware all throughout the year!

This is a good time to remind ourselves to reflect on your mental wellbeing. Think of what you do and take the time to look after yourself, especially during times of distress. Be proud of times where you struggled and you pulled through. Have compassion for yourselves and others during times of unfamiliarity and stress. We are all here together!

Questions to reflect on

What is it we think about when people talk about mental health? How do you take care of yours? How do you think you can help others? By just being aware, this can help create a collective consciousness around the stigma of mental illness. Could you check up on someone? Could you fit in time every day to practise self-care?

Can you reach out to someone if you are struggling, can you reach out to someone if you know they are struggling? Be kind and LISTEN sometimes that is all we need, to feel heard or to be seen.

Mindfulness practices including Yoga, meditation and walking in nature provide a great opportunity to check on yourselves. Notice how you feel and know that it is totally valid. Grab something calming or fun to do - some breathing, bumble bee breaths, a puzzle or a walk in nature 😊

A nice little thing to remember : YOU ARE WHOLE AND COMPLETE JUST AS YOU ARE !!

Apps that may be of interest – Calm , Headspace and The mindfulness app YouTube

Websites and charities supporting mental health –

Action for Happiness (fabulous fun guidance )

Mind -


Time to change-

Take care Beautiful,

Love and light

Olivia Alice ⭐

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