What feels healing for you?

For me, both in general day to day life and within my practise, I regularly ask myself these questions. Especially when something doesn’t feel quite right within my body or I notice my mind is wandering.

What feels healing for me?

Why do I do it?

Is there time maybe where I don’t listen to what is best for me and how can I bring myself back into alignment?

For me my yoga practise has been a great way to get back into my body and realign with myself.

The word Yoga takes its root from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to join, to unify – to unite into one integral whole. ... In other words, it is the union of individual energy and universal energy. In short Yoga means Union.

It’s important to reconnect with yourself and embrace this union on and off the mat! What is it that you are looking for in your physical practise? Have you been to a class before that seemed too fast and scary? Or maybe you went to a slow class when you were looking for something a bit more energetic. Showing up is the first step; maybe you have heard about the benefits of yoga from a friend or family member, or even you just want to join in and explore the possibility of connecting with a new community. Get in touch with a teacher, or show up and give it a go, see how it feels and works for you. Maybe you begin to question what has brought you to your class. Or maybe ask what keeps bringing you back to yoga! Is something feeling out of balance? It could be something physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Do you want to feel calmer, more connected to yourself and others, release some muscle stress or just take care of your health and feel better overall?

Just show up to a class, seeing and feeling how a class works for your needs! Maybe you’ll love it and want to come back for more, if not try a different style. Have a play around - we all have different needs and tastes that best suit our own lifestyle. This is where we find what feels more healing for us. My favourite thing about yoga is that it’s all about your own unique experience in your own unique body!! Connecting with your breath and letting the teacher guide you through the motions of the practise. The teacher may guide you, but remember this is your practise so let your body’s wisdom and intuition be the real leader! The power is within the practise when you realise that your body is your greatest teacher! It’s time for you to start your own journey on your mat and find what feels personally healing!

Respect your body – this is not a competitive exercise, trying to make a pose as good as Jenny or Steve. This is about loving yourself, accepting your humanness. Start embracing and let yourself decide. Let your body guide your way by following your intuition and flow through your natural movement.

Every body is unique. We all have our own unique anatomy and have all had different life experiences which affect how we feel and move. Within your beautiful vessel there is a system that guides you. Your unique body communicates with you – if something is uncomfortable work with this area with compassion by being aware and careful. Yoga does not encourage competition; it invites self-exploration. It’s not about forcing yourself into a pose so that we’ve done it, or we think we’ve made it. It’s a process of tuning in and gathering awareness to the experience. “we don’t use our body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into our body” (Bernie Clarke)

When we move in a rhythm, and curiously start to sink into the world that lays beneath the skin, we tune into our unique needs. Only WE have this power to discover what is really and truly healing for us.

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